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The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma (RFBOk), a member of the Feeding America network of Food Banks, is the largest private domestic hunger-relief charity in the state – providing food to more than 86,000 hungry Oklahomans every week, 37 percent of whom are children. In fiscal year 2019, the Food Bank distributed nearly 51 million pounds of food through a network of 1,300 charitable feeding programs and schools throughout 53 counties in central and western Oklahoma.

The organization has 110 employees, an annual operating budget of $16 mil. and a 200,000 square foot warehouse and administrative facility. Its annual administrative and fundraising costs consistently remain at or below four percent of total operating costs. The organization is ranked as one of the top food bank operations in the country.

RFBOk’s vision is “An Oklahoma where no one goes hungry” and the mission “To lead a network that provides nutritious food and pathways to self-sufficiency for people facing hunger.”

End date
Opportunity type
Executive Director / CEO / Other C-Level Executives
Job responsibilities

1. Strategic Vision – Define, communicate and build consensus for the Regional Food Bank’s strategic vision and the important mission it serves.
2. Planning/Strategy Development – Develop and implement strategic and short-term plans and initiatives.
• Lead the Board and leadership team in needs assessment and program planning.
• Create a sense of accountability at all levels for achievement of strategic goals and objectives.
3. Fund Raising/Development – Plan, lead and participate actively in fundraising initiatives and activities.
• Make presentations to a broad range of community organizations.
• Build and maintain relationships with major sources of support.
• Lead initiatives for new sources of funding.
4. Community Impact – Provide leadership in shaping and communicating the vision, goals and work of the Regional Food Bank and serve as its primary spokesperson.
• Build and maintain relations with the media, civic organizations, government agencies and foundations.
• Serve as a compassionate witness for those in need in working with employees, volunteers, service providers and to legislative bodies at the city, state and federal levels, as well as to the community at large.
• Monitor outcome-based analytics to determine and lead course adjustments in the food bank supported programs.
5. Collective Impact – Forge relationships and collaborative partnerships with community organizations and resources in meeting the challenges of those in need, especially during such times as disaster recovery.
6. Board Relations – Provide support and direction to the Board of Directors.
7. Organizational Development – Determine and initiate organizational plans and alignments, oversee the staffing of the organization, recruit and select key personnel, and provide mentoring and a servant leadership example to the staff.
• Initiate actions aimed at building the organization, improving operational performance, and developing the skills and talents of employees at all levels.
8. Financial Management – Oversee the allocation of resources, within the means of the organization, to sustain and enhance financial and operational performance.
9. Operations Management – Provide general management direction to operations and ensure the metrics and techniques are in place to monitor, assess and report operational performance.

Application qualifications

EDUCATION - Bachelor’s degree in Business, Social Science, Public Affairs or a related discipline
• Prefer graduate study or degree in Business, Public Administration, Organizational Development or Social Work.

2 EXPERIENCE - At least 12 years of related experience leading up to organizational leadership, 5 years at a senior leadership level, preferably including significant experience in the non-profit sector
• Demonstrated track record as an innovative leader
• Previous experience in leading staff members through subordinate managers
• Related experience in the development and shaping of strategic plans
• Related experience in raising funds or growing revenues for both operations and capital campaigns - preferred
• Experience working with or reporting to a Board of Directors – highly desirable
• Prefer related experience as the Executive Director or CEO of a community service organization
• Related leadership experience in a public service organization in Oklahoma City or in Oklahoma - highly desirable
• Passionate – About understanding and helping people in need, investing in them, and about learning and growing in ways to help others.
• Visionary – Continually thinking about “the future”, looking for needs and opportunities, and planning strategically.
• Leadership – Proven skill and record of success as a leader – with the demonstrated capacity to be a "servant leader" in attitude and approach.
• Inquiring Mind – Deep thinker who seeks understanding and insight, not just information.
• Business Developer – Interest, aptitude and skill in growing organizational revenues, including through direct interaction with funding sources.
• Communications Skills – Skilled public speaker who can be the “face” of the organization and prepare and deliver presentations to audiences, large and small, including the media.
• Assertive and Emotionally Strong – Able stand behind convictions and to press on in the face of challenges and opposition.
• Collaborator – Understanding of how to employ the power of collaboration – i.e., applying the “collective impact” dynamic.
• Charisma – Charismatic leadership qualities with the ability to inspire confidence, lead others, and capture the attention and interest of diverse groups.
• Business Acumen – Able to interpret and work with financial statements - and experienced and skilled in managing operational costs.
• Proactive – Naturally prepared and proactive in responding to challenges and difficult circumstances, even when unexpected – e.g., disaster recovery in response to a tornado.
• Humility – No ego trip – able to handle negative feedback and reasonable criticism.
• Calculated Risk-Taker – Ability to identify opportunities to further the mission and a willingness to take calculated risks to achieve greater success.


We are confident in the many options we have sought to meet your needs through a combination of benefit plans and work-life assistance including:

• Medical Benefits
• Dental Benefits
• Vision Benefits
• Compass Navigator Service
• Short and Long-Term Disability Coverage
• Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
• Legal Assistance
• Identity Theft
• Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)
• Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA)
• Holiday Club Savings Account
• 401(k) Retirement with Generous Company Match
• Regular Paid Time Off (RPTO), Extended Time Off (ETO), Holiday Pay, Community Service Hours, Floating Holidays, etc.

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About the organization

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, a member of the Feeding America network of Food Banks, is the largest hunger-relief charity in the state - providing enough food to feed more than 136,000 hungry Oklahomans every week, 37 percent of whom are children. Oklahoma consistently ranks among the hungriest states in the nation. One in four children and one in six adults has inconsistent access to healthy food.

In fiscal year 2018, the Regional Food Bank distributed more than 49.7 million pounds of food through a network of nearly 1,300 community-based partner agencies, charitable feeding programs and schools throughout 53 central and western Oklahoma counties.

Our administrative and fundraising costs are less than 4 percent, which means more than 96 cents out of every dollar donated goes to fight hunger in our state.