On-Call Volunteer Coordinator

Food Bank
On-Call Volunteer Coordinator

Applications will be accepted until filled.

A cover letter is recommended as part of application.

This is an on-call position.
The pay range for this role is $24.73 - $25.61.

This job is performed at both 7900 NE 33rd Drive, Portland, OR 97211 and 1870 NW 173rd Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97006 locations.

In anticipation of the upcoming OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID-19 Vaccination, proof of COVID vaccination status will be required.

Who We Are Looking For:

You care deeply about people experiencing hunger and hold them in the center of all that you do. You are committed to using equity as a process and an outcome of your work.  

 As the On-Call Volunteer Coordinator, you will contribute to the organization’s success by ensuring that volunteer repack activities run smoothly and effortlessly. An On-Call Volunteer Coordinator will be asked to lead volunteer shifts when the scheduled Volunteer Coordinator is unable to do so.  (Hours will vary week to week.  There are no guaranteed hours).  You thrive in a highly fluid, fast paced, work environment and enjoy working with people from all walks of life. You’re great at building a sense of community and educating volunteers about OFB’s mission, and encouraging volunteers to engage as donors and advocates. As an On-Call Volunteer Coordinator you are comfortable working with the unknown, have strong and effective interpersonal and communication skills and are a master at seamlessly directing multiple priorities. Excellent and enthusiastic team player a must!

End date
Opportunity type
Job responsibilities

Supervise groups of up to 120 volunteers of varying ages (6 and up) in a fast paced, safe and fun environment
Assess, train and direct groups of volunteers for large scale food repack production
Speak publicly in both small and large group settings and educate volunteers about OFB’s mission.
Solicit volunteers as both donors and advocates, encouraging them to engage more deeply in our mission. Receive food and fund donations made during volunteer shifts.
Adjust production for planned and unplanned volunteer absences, varying food levels
Maintain volunteer work areas and equipment to the highest standard for both food safety   and personal safety.
Operate warehouse equipment; maintain equipment safety
Ensure accurate volunteer hours using volunteer management volunteer software. Perform administrative tasks related to volunteer activities such as logging volunteer hours and repack shift reporting.
Organize logistics of special volunteer projects in conjunction with OFB departments
Organizational level responsibilities of exempt employees include:
To be an ambassador and a leader for OFB’s vision and mission, a cross-departmental collaborator, and an active contributor to building a movement to end hunger for good. Provides leadership and examples professional communication and behaviors to OFB standards.  
In consultation and coordination with the supervisor, actively contribute to:
cross-departmental efforts
work culture activities and programming
advisory and consultative groups such as the compensation committee, affinity groups, Equity Ambassadors, Equity Think Tank meetings, among others
plan and engage in professional development activities that strengthen your capacity for your specific role as well as your capacity to contribute and advance organizational goals, OFB’s vision and mission.  
Other related duties as assigned.

Application qualifications

Skills and Experience of the Ideal Candidate:

Thrives working in a high stress environment and able to troubleshoot quickly.
Ability to maintain focus on tasks and produce accurate work in chaotic, fast-paced environment. 
Enjoys directing and motivating diverse groups of volunteers.
Exceptional communication skills with a proven ability to oversee and facilitate group discussions.
Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and customer service skills.
Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, volunteer management databases, and warehouse inventory management systems.
Access to reliable transportation
Ability to work with confidential information and sensitive situations
Ability to take initiative and be self-directed in a quick-moving, ever-evolving environment
Organizational level skills and experience for exempt employees include:
Disposition and willingness to innovate, problem solve, test, fail and adjust.
Experience in modeling intercultural competence and demonstrated commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice.
Demonstrated ability to think strategically, take initiative, and to maintain confidentiality.
Project coordination and organization skills; ability to manage multiple projects with attention to detail; meet deadlines, ability to handle interruptions, and produce timely, accurate work.
Self – directed, meets benchmarks and checks assumptions about results and end goals. Ability to work independently and as part of a team; provides role clarity, shows willingness to support others to build momentum and share success, comfortable working in an office environment and offsite. 
Ability to thrive in a creative, responsive, and fast-paced culture. 

Preferred Qualifications:

Organizational level preferred qualifications of exempt employees include:
Multilingual skills at a minimum professional level of proficiency or greater in English and any additional language/s, defined as being able to speak the languages with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical and professional topics.  
Multicultural skills of adaptation and integration are strongly preferred.  
Adaptation is defined as the capacity to communicate and interact with people of multiple cultures, backgrounds, and styles by incorporating and adapting to the world view and perspectives of others.
Integration is defined as being able to move in and out of one's worldview and help others understand different cultures, backgrounds, and styles to promote diversity and inclusion.
Commitment to continued professional development to strengthen capacity to work through an equity lens for equity and racial justice.
Strong capacity to consider multiple perspectives, to pivot to respond to emerging needs and lead through organizational changes.
Personal living/lived experience of hunger and/or systemic inequity/oppression.

About the organization

Oregon Food Bank (OFB) believes that no one should be hungry. Our mission is to eliminate hunger and its root causes. 

 At Oregon Food Bank, we believe that food and health are basic human rights for all. We know that hunger is not just an individual experience; it is also a community-wide symptom of barriers to employment, education, housing and health care. That’s why we work on two fronts in our mission to end hunger in Oregon: we build community connections to help people access nutritious, affordable food today, and we build community power to eliminate the root causes of hunger for good. 

 Oregon Food Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we encourage applications from candidates who can contribute to the diversity of our organization. Over and above our commitment to non-discrimination, OFB actively seeks to employ members of the community who have experienced poverty or food insecurity and members of historically marginalized groups including racial and ethnic minorities. Please visit our website to read more about our commitment to equity.