Learn more about child hunger in America

Thank you for your commitment to fighting hunger in America. Your gifts provide the resources needed to fulfill our mission and meet the growing demand for food assistance. In fact, because of gifts like yours, the Feeding America network of food banks can secure and distribute meals for more than 46 million people who struggle with hunger each year.

Your support is a lifeline for so many: children who struggle to concentrate in school; seniors who skip meals to pay for medication; and families who ration their groceries, hoping they’ll last until the next paycheck.

Hunger impacts virtually every community in America, including your own. Through working together we can make sure no parent has to miss a meal to feed their child, no senior has to skip getting medication to buy  groceries and that struggling with hunger is no longer a reality for people living in your community and across the United States.  Read more in the Your Community Fact Sheet.

As you’ll read in the Rescuing Food Fact Sheet, every year, right here in America, 70 billion pounds of safe, healthy food go to waste. By working together, we can rescue that food to make sure it ends up on the  dinner tables of families facing hunger.

The Feeding America network of food banks is working tirelessly to make sure every child has the healthy foods they need to thrive. It may be hard to believe, but 1 in 5 children in the U.S. lives in a household that struggles with hunger. We can’t let our kids go without essential foods that have a positive impact on their health and well-being. Together, we can solve child hunger.  Download the fact sheets to learn more about child hunger and family hunger.

Download these fact sheets (pdf) to learn more about how with your continued generosity, Feeding America can secure and distribute food to more people in need, strengthen the system that supports them, and lead our nation in the fight against hunger.

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