Group Volunteer Experiences

Group Volunteering Experiences

Rally co-workers, organize club members and mobilize friends to make a bigger impact. Organize a group volunteer event to help fight hunger in your local community.

Although the number of volunteers our food banks can host in a single day varies between five and 500, most food banks can host up to 50 volunteers on a given day.

Ways to Make a Difference 


  • Individuals or teams perform the much needed work of sorting, packing and stacking food at local food banks.
  • Host a national food donation drive
  • National Day/Week of Service: Organize a corporate-wide effort for employees to volunteer in teams at their local food bank.


  • Volunteers share their skills, knowledge, talents or professional expertise to create long-lasting outcomes for people in need.

To learn more, find your local food bank. Many food banks show volunteer opportunities and post volunteer guidelines on their websites.

On behalf of the Feeding America network, thank you for considering spending time with us. Your efforts will result in more food for neighbors in need.

If you have any questions about group volunteering / employee engagement, please contact us using our form.


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