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The problem is straightforward – For most kids and teens, summer is a time of fun and excitement, but for 22 million young people in communities across the country it also means the end of access to free and reduced-price meals that nourish them during the school year.

Families continue to cope with the summer struggles, often times having to make tough choices in order to put food on the table. During the summer, the Feeding America network of food banks have developed innovative summer feeding programs to reach more children and teens.

Help us put the heat on summer hunger! Tell your representatives to visit a summer feeding program to learn how they play a vital role to help kids in their communities.




Real Hunger Stories: Wenona

Wenona is nine years old. She lives in Layfayette, IN, and attends the summer feeding program Food Finders Food Bank puts on for kids in her community.

"I know it helps my family a lot. My mom has gone without so many times because she feels like my sister and I are not getting enough to eat. It makes me feel very bad that my parents struggle so much." Wenona shares how the food bank helps her and her family.

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