Help End Summer Hunger — Pledge to Volunteer.

Morgan Stanley is partnering with Feeding America to help fight Summer Hunger and provide meals to children in need across the country. Over half of these programs rely entirely on volunteers so we need your help.

When you pledge to volunteer, Morgan Stanley will donate $5 to provide up to an additional 1.1 million meals through Feeding America this summer.

Enter "00000" for zip code, if you are not located within the U.S.

Volunteer Pledges to Date: 516

Give Now

Volunteers power the Feeding America network – but they can’t do it alone. Donate now to Feeding America — each $1 you give can help provide 11 meals through the network of food banks.

Ask your Member of Congress to Volunteer

Congress continues to debate many bills that affect our struggling neighbors. Ask your member of Congress to volunteer in their district to experience the hunger issue firsthand.

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