The America Gives More Act

Feeding America understands the importance of capturing excess food and providing it to people in need. Last year, the Feeding America network and our partners diverted over 2 billion pounds of safe, edible food that might otherwise have gone to waste, to Americans facing hunger.

The USDA and EPA has set the first climate reduction goals by the US and there is renewed attention on the policies needed to achieve a 50% reduction in food loss and waste by 2030. Feeding America is a key partner in this campaign and views it as a great opportunity to reinforce the role Feeding America has as not only as the largest nonprofit recovering food each year, but as a thought leader in this space that is pushing innovations to capture more food and leading the fight to pass legislation that would improve tax incentives for food donation.

How The America Gives More Act Helps Hungry Americans

The America Gives More Act is an important policy solution to food waste.  The bill extends three charitable giving incentives, including the food donation tax deduction.  Most importantly, it expands the food donation tax deduction to small businesses, ranchers, and farmers and makes the deduction permanent.  Recently, Congress has had to retroactively pass the food donation tax deduction making it difficult for donors to plan food donations.  It is also currently not available to farmers and ranchers.  



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