Samantha and Cornell's Story
Alexandria, VA

My husband, three children and I live off of my salary of $22,000 per year. My husband stays home with the children because even with him working, we can’t afford the cost of daycare. I’m a school health aide, work full time and have an associate’s degree – but I still cannot generate enough income for my family to live comfortably.

However, I am hoping that will change soon. I’m in the process of completing my bachelor’s degree and I only have a few more semesters to go. With my new degree, I can earn more and provide a better life for my family. In the meantime though, we rely on the food pantry to help feed our children.

The pantry is helpful all year round, but it is particularly helpful for us during summer. I am only employed nine months of the year because I work at a school. From June to September, we have no income coming in. On top of that, my children aren’t receiving free school meals – so I have to stretch our budget even further those extra costs. I start stocking up shelf-stable items from the pantry early in the year so I know we’ll have enough. During the summer, I also cut food costs by growing fruits and vegetables in my garden. I do everything I can to make sure my children have enough of the healthy food they need to grow strong – no matter the season.

We are low income and to be honest, it’s really self-defeating at times. Especially when I get up and go to work each day like everyone else, but still have to ask others for help to put food on the table. Even so, I refuse to let my income level define me. I am Samantha. I am a mother, a wife and I am surrounded by a loving, caring community – including the people at the food pantry who are always there for us.

I’m going to get my degree and tomorrow will be brighter. But today, I’m still thankful for what I have. We may not experience the “finer things” in life but we have everything we need, including love – and that’s something money will never be able to buy.

You can make a difference. Give today.

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