April 22, 2015

Feeding America often tells the story of the clients that our network serves, but sometimes the story is about the food itself. The Huffington Post took notice of our Earth Day 2015 news about a piece of legislation that could help prevent food waste - and get more food donated and delivered to our clients.

The U.S. wasted 35 million tons of food in 2012. But a single tax deduction could help bring some of those resources to struggling people who are desperate for something to eat.

Hunger awareness advocates are celebrating Wednesday’s Earth Day by urging Congress to pass a bill that would enable small businesses, farmers and restaurants to donate usable excess food to nonprofits that serve people in need. The America Gives More act would allow these groups to write off their donations, a boon that would enable Feeding America alone to serve an additional 100 million meals a year.

Small businesses and farmers often have perfectly edible food -- misshapen apples or a bumper crop that produced more than they projected -- but can’t afford the shipping and transportation costs to give them away. They’ll opt instead for the affordable route, which is dumping it in a landfill.

Take a moment and send a message to Congress to pass the America Gives More act today.

Tags: Advocacy , North Carolina

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