"America's schools are no longer just a place for students to learn their ABCs. They are also increasingly where children eat their three squares."

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April 5, 2015

This USA TODAY article does a great job of exploring a growing solution to child hunger: providing food for children at school. In addition to government programs that provide breakfast or lunch, there has been an increase in food pantries at schools. The article cites, "Last year, 1,141 schools ran food pantries on their grounds, up from 834 the year before, says Feeding America, which runs 200 food banks across the country. Food banks are the warehouse operations that provide food to pantries." The author also spoke with Feeding America San Diego and details their unique program:

"At Lexington Elementary School in El Cajon, Calif., the school is trying another solution to its students' hunger problems.

Twice a month, the school sets up what looks like a farmers market on its front lawn. Wooden pallets are packed with boxes of fresh produce, milk, bread and other food from the Feeding America San Diego food bank. Families line up for the pantry hours before it opens, says Tita Cordero-Bautista, who runs the school's community programs.

She says every child in the school is eligible for free or reduced-price meals."

Please take a minute to read more about the Feeding America School Pantry Program.

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