January 23, 2013
by Lucio Guerrero

Lucio Guerrero is the Vice President of Communication for Feeding America.

At Feeding America we talk a lot about the power of the Network - that's the combined strength of our over 200 food banks working together to help fight hunger in their communities. But to see it in action is really something special.

During Superstorm Sandy we saw many of our food banks working with those in the Northeast to help them deal with the massive clean-up and recovery efforts. But when the camera's left and the attention focused elsewhere, many of those "out-of-town" food banks continued to bring much needed help to the area.

For example, St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance in Phoenix, raised their hand to help send someone to the New York area when a food bank there asked for some extra hands. Without hesitation, Ben Bradley was on a plane heading east to lend his expertise.

"To me, this is what the Network is all about," said Bradley, who's worked 13 years in Phoenix. "We are here to help each other when there is a need. We lend a hand when we can."

Local food banks do a great job of not just fighting hunger in their communities but — when the need arises — in every neighborhood. Hunger in any community is a bad thing; working together is the only way to end it.

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