June 15, 2012
by Feeding America

My 4 mile run translated to 9 meals for people in needIf you read my bio, it says I am a marathon runner. Well, not so much lately. I had a pretty lazy winter. But with the nice weather, I am trying to get back in the swing of things. And now there is an incentive where your runs can help do good.

There is a mobile app called Charity Miles that allows you to choose a charity and a sponsor donates to the charity based on how long you run. Feeding America is one of the charities you can choose.

So the other night, I ran almost 4 miles. I clicked on the app before I started and the GPS tracked my run. At the end, a screen popped up telling me that my run provided 9 meals to people in need. Simple and intuitive. Just like running.

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