February 17, 2012
by Aimee Lorenz

Aimee LorenzAimee Lorenz is a Marketing Coordinator for Feeding America. We asked her to write about her efforts with our Donate Your Voice for Hunger campaign.

It's Random Acts of Kindness Day and we're asking you to Donate Your Voice for Hunger. Take a minute to change your status on Facebook and Twitter and help us bring awareness to the issue of domestic hunger. It's easy! Just click here and choose the 'add to Facebook' or 'add to Twitter' tab. Be sure to also check out our Public Service Announcements on YouTube that feature celebrities such as Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Aaron Eckhart. Sharing these PSAs with your social circle is another easy way to Donate Your Voice for Hunger and encourage others to spread the word about an issue that affects 1 in 6 Americans. Coming soon is another Feeding America Public Service Announcement that has yet to be released!

As a Marketing Coordinator at Feeding America, I'm always looking for ways to mobilize the public around the issue of hunger and social media is an easy way to show your support. Many people still aren't aware of the number of Americans that are struggling to find their next meal. You can bring awareness to the cause by doing something as simple as tweeting about hunger or placing a hunger-related post on your wall in observance of the day.

Random Acts of Kindness Day is just one piece of Feeding America's Donate Your Voice for Hunger campaign that will be going on over the next month. We know that hunger isn't an issue that is limited to the holiday season, and it is our hope that this campaign will be able to give a "social media voice" to those that continue to be in need. By donating your voice, you're helping shine a light on this issue.

Be on the lookout for more ways you can help us achieve our goal of reaching 17.2 million people through social media. Why do we want to reach 17.2 million people? Because that is the number of households in the U.S. that are struggling with hunger. Hunger is closer than you think, but so is the solution. Join me in the fight and Donate Your Voice for Hunger today!

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