May 25, 2012
by Feeding America

While more than 21 million children participated in the free or reduced-priced school meal program in Fiscal Year 2010, just over 2 million children received meals during the summer months, largely due to the lack of local programs. To help meet the nutritional needs of children during the summer months, several Feeding America food banks operate summer feeding programs.

Not only do we at Feeding America believe it is crucial to raise awareness about summertime hunger, so does Cecilia De Jesus, a graduate student at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. Cecilia reached out to Feeding America a couple weeks back and graciously offered to donate her animations which aim to raise awareness about child hunger over the summer months.

Read Cecilia's testimonial below and make sure to watch her creative animations about summer hunger. People like Cecilia, who have a genuine passion for helping others, are few and far between. We are so thankful for her support.

"My name is Cecilia De Jesus and I am a graduate student studying animation at The University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. In one of my first classes at USC, I had the opportunity to do a short animated film about any subject of my choosing. I decided to focus on a subject that I felt very strongly about: child hunger during the summer.

I first heard about this particular issue through the North Texas Food Bank, a member of the Feeding America network. I grew up in Dallas so I frequently saw the great work done by the North Texas Food Bank at the local level. A few years ago, I noticed the North Texas Food Bank's campaign that explained how many children from low-income homes suffer during the summer months due to lack of school meals and other factors.

This issue really struck a chord with me, so I planned on using my skills as an artist and designer to promote awareness for summertime hunger. At USC, I finally got the chance to achieve this goal.

Thank you for taking the time to watch my animations. I hope they help inspire you to do good, in your own way, to help feed children facing hunger this summer."


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