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Your Story: Epiphaney and Humberto
District of Columbia

My husband Humberto and I have been married for nine years – but these past two have been the hardest we have known. We both started our careers serving in the army. I had to leave when we had our first child and a few years ago he was medically discharged.

At the time we had three kids and suddenly one less income. Humberto's service-related injuries cause him a great deal of pain so it was hard for him to find work. I was working full time but the company suffered losses, and I was laid off.

The loss of my job catalyzed the loss of our apartment. For several months our family of five lived out of our car. We had nothing, including no money for food. To have to worry about where your next meal is coming from is the most horrible feeling. I mean, my husband and I can go without, but I cannot imagine letting my children go hungry.

We looked everywhere for any place that could help us. Someone referred us to Central Union Mission – a pantry served by Capital Area Food Bank. The pantry provided us with food to feed our growing boys. I cannot describe the relief that passed over me when I no longer had to worry about them getting enough to eat.

Thank you is not sufficient for what the food pantry as done for us. They provided us with so much more than food; they provided us with hope. The food pantry helped my family find a place to finally call home, and gave us food to fill our cupboards.

Our newfound stability is helping us get back on our feet. Humberto is going to school to be a chef and I have a job interview next week. We've made it through the worst. The food pantry helped me realize that we're not alone in our struggle. My family will survive this. I'm confident now that future will be better. ​

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