Real Stories of Hunger

Your Story: Tanya

Tanya trusted that her husband was handling the family's finances responsibly. But when they got divorced, she realized that couldn't be further from the truth.
Her husband hadn't paid the property taxes on their house for four years, they were behind in the mortgage and he had accumulated thousands of dollars of debt in her name.

"How did this happen?" said Tanya. "I had no idea. I made the money, he spent it."

To make matters even more difficult, Tanya is the sole breadwinner for her three children — two of whom have special needs — 11-year-old Nathan who has autism, 14-year-old Kendall, and 18-year-old Caleb who has epilepsy and autism.

"When Nathan was a baby…we used to pray that he would talk because it was something that took him a long time," said Tanya. "I never asked God to put a limit on it or volume control…and now he just talks non-stop!"

For the last two years, Tanya has depended on her local food pantry for both food and the support she needs to get her financial life back in order.

"Even though I have a good job, I don't have enough money to pay the debt," said Tanya. "I'm scraping by now…but they helped me out a lot…they were the only place that actually looked at the whole picture."

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