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Your Story: Nikki and Bill

At first, we thought our lack of employment would be just a bump in the road. But then two years passed without us having any income at all. We used up our savings and we were forced to start thinking about our options. I remembered a food pantry — served by Los Angeles Regional Food Bank — I used to send volunteers to when I was working for a nonprofit.

When I showed up one morning, to say I was intimidated would be an understatement. But the staff and volunteers were so supportive, and having food took a huge load of my shoulders. As I looked around, I saw many of the people there were just like me — facing the same situation. It helped me realize that in our struggle, we were not alone.

It's been years, but now I can safely say we are on our way up. My husband got a full-time job at a local nonprofit, and I've been interviewing. The most important thing though, is that our kids are doing great. The food pantry had something to do with that I think. It provided us with some certainty during an uncertain time. When we knew nothing else, we knew we would have dinner - and that gave us the strength we needed to keep pressing on.

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