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Your Story: Mary, Johnny and family

I have great kids. Not one of my three — ages 8, 11 and 14 — have missed a day of school since kindergarten. My oldest received such high test scores he's currently on track to receive a full scholarship to Duke. On top of all that, they never complain; which says a lot considering things haven't been easy lately.

We haven't always struggled. A few years back, my husband was the top salesman at a car dealership. We always had enough. Everything changed when he was diagnosed with cancer — not once, but twice. He's in remission now, but still too weak to work. I run a small catering business between taking care of him and our three kids, but it doesn't bring in enough to get by.

The mobile pantry at my kid's school is a huge help. It gives us fresh fruits and vegetables — today I received tomatoes and asparagus. You can make fresh produce go a long way, and it's critical to my husband's recovery and my children's growth.

My kids have bright futures. Thanks to the mobile pantry, and San Antonio Food Bank, they get the healthy food they need to do well in school and be successful. I never want them to struggle like we have.

You can make a difference. Give today.

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