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Your Story: Kim and Pete

A few years ago, my husband left his job to go overseas with the military. When he came back, he couldn't find work. He has political science and criminal justice degrees — not to mention his military background. Yet, he searched and searched and nothing was to be found.

I'm a massage therapist — I own my own business — I try, but I don't make enough to feed a family of three. So it was rough for a while. We applied for food stamps, and were thankfully able to get the basic staples we needed.

Last year however, our food stamps were cut. We lost $29 a month — which is a lot when you're living on practically nothing. It was at that point that we started using the food bank. It allowed me to fill the gap the cut left, and make sure everyone in my family got enough to eat.

It's a shame that after serving our country abroad, my husband had such a rough time coming back. But I'm grateful we had support to get us through.

After a year and a half of looking, my husband recently got a job working security at a local college. It doesn't pay much, but it does provide free tuition — a benefit he's taking advantage of by attending nursing school. Nurses are in high demand, so I know things will get better. The road to recovery hasn't ended quite yet, but for the first time in a while, I can finally see that it will.

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