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Read Brian & Amy's story about food pantry support.
Your Story: Brian and Amy
New Hampshire

Brian and Amy are both originally from New Hampshire. They met in elementary school, parted ways and reunited 30 years later as adults. They married in 2012 and are raising their children from previous relationships: 13-year-old Dennis, 8-year-old Caitlin, and 7-year-old Jillian. Amy recently lost her job and Brian's work is seasonal. He does a little bit of everything: "A little technician, truck driver, haul oil," he says. He's been doing this kind of work for the last ten years, but for the past five, it's been seasonal, which makes it hard to make ends meet.

"The rent is so expensive and pay keeps going down and bills keep going up," says Amy. It's gotten so difficult that they've had the cable and other utilities shut off and they've had to turn to their parents and other family members for help. A friend told them about the food pantry right before Thanksgiving. And they used all the food they got to prepare a holiday dinner. "They [the food pantry] gave us a whole basket. It was great," says Amy. "[Without the food pantry], we would have been here by ourselves with nothing."

"We had a big turkey, stuffing, they gave us a lot of stuff, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, everything, I didn't really have to buy anything, so it was nice," says Amy. Both Brian and Amy looking ahead to better days when they don't have to live paycheck to paycheck. But for now they're grateful they can turn to their local food pantry for support. "Thank you. Definitely we're grateful…Everyone's been really nice…They're just very kind and generous," says Amy.

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