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Abilene, TX

In 2005, my husband of 14 years was diagnosed with liver and bone cancer. He was a vietnam veteran and had liver problems for many years. He worked as an Optician at Lenscrafters and passed out from the pain at work. That is how we found he had cancer. He got a small amount from his job for assistance, since he could not work. But we had to fill out alot of paperwork just to get that. I lived on disability, so we paid our rent and utilities and medicine cost with my disability and we got food from our local food bank. He was given 4 months to a year to live and died before he got his first check from the disability insurance he had paid all his life, even after the cancer physician filled out all the paperwork. Hospice was a great comfort, as he did not have to suffer. He had great insurance from Lenscrafters also. It was a very hard time and I am so grateful for the help we received. I now live alone on disability and have to watch every penny. Sometimes I have to get food from the food bank to make it until the next month. Thank you and everyone that makes this possible. Americans looking out for each other is what made this country. Thank you for helping me stay strong. God Bless You ALL!

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