Orlando, FL

I've never experienced hunger a day in my life. My parents had steady jobs and provided everything I needed. You could say I was spoiled, well, I am, so I never had to experience the pain of not having something to eat. Whenever I threw food away and my parents would say "do you know how many kids would love that?" it never affected me because I didn't know how many people would value what I was dumping into the Garbage.

Everything changed on day when I was in middle school. I had a friend who, day after day, would either bring the same food over and over or somedays, nothing at all. She told me that she had to provide for her and her younger sisters because her parents weren't around. That's when I finally saw hunger, through the eyes of someone I cared for. I began bringing extra juice boxes and snacks and made sure to slip them to her even when she protested, and I made it my personal mission to make sure she and her sisters were fed. even if it was a little meal. I never wanted payment or accolades or anything for that matter, I just wanted to do something for someone in need. It never occurred to me how much hunger affects people until it either happens to you or someone you care about, but the fact of the matter is, it shouldn't take that much for us to see how much of a problem hunger is.

The amount of people that suffer from this epidemic is absolutely astounding and we all hear about it and just seem to turn the other cheek in hopes that it will just, disappear. It wont disappear and it wont change unless we change it ourselves. it all starts with us. One food item at a time.

You can make a difference. Give today.

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