December 19, 2014

by James Vetrano, Feeding America Social Media Manager

Growing up, I did what most in my community did when the issue of hunger arose; donated canned goods during the annual holiday food drive. I knew the food was going to a local food pantry and ultimately to someone in need and felt good about my contribution. However, it didn’t occur to me that the issue extends so much further than the holiday season.

It wasn’t until recently when I joined the Feeding America team that I was awoken to the severity of hunger in America, and the tough decisions our clients face every day. I was shocked to discover that 69 percent of the people we serve had to choose between paying for food and basic utilities like heat in the past year.

As someone who lives in an often frigid city. I could not imagine having to decide between keeping my family warm and providing their next meal. The fact that there are people in our country faced with such a difficult choice is one of the many reasons #WhyIFeedAmerica.

Much like my #WhyIFeedAmerica story, there are thousands of personal stories behind each individual’s commitment to join us in the fight to solve hunger and we feel it is important to share them.

This month, we asked our Entertainment Council, board members and corporate partners to share their stories, and the response was tremendous. Leaders across the entertainment, culinary, business and nonprofit sectors came together to not only share their #WhyIFeedAmerica stories but also their time by volunteering at their local food banks.

Follow along on Facebook and Twitter as we share their powerful stories, experiences and photos. We also encourage you to share your own story with us using the hashtag #WhyIFeedAmerica.

If you do not have a story yet, learn how you can get involved today to create one, because together we can solve hunger.
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