Think Like a Kid

February 16, 2012

The Child Hunger Corps is a national service program designed to increase the capacity and capability of food banks to execute programs targeted towards the alleviation of child hunger. The objective of the program is to increase the number of nutritious snacks and meals served to children in need in local communities across the country. The Child Hunger Corps initiative is sponsored by the ConAgra Foods Foundation.

In August 2011, the second cohort of 11 new Corps members was placed at Feeding America member food banks, bringing the current total to 17 Child Hunger Corps members working at food banks across the country. This post is by first cohort member Child Hunger Corps member at the Houston Food Bank.

We recently held a contest for children participating in our Kids Cafe program. We asked kids to write and/or draw what came to mind when they thought of the Houston Food Bank. The results were amazing! Many of the kids drew various fruits and vegetables in vibrant colors. Others talked about the impact the Houston Food Bank had on their lives and their communities. Their views of the Houston Food Bank were inspiring and highlighted the optimism kids maintain on a regular basis.

Optimism is underrated. The ability to stay positive in a hostile environment is a unique talent that few adults have and even fewer are able to wield consistently. The challenge lies in remaining optimistic when all indicators suggest that this optimism is misguided. People that do not share this optimism will remind the optimistic person of the many reasons why they are essentially insane for being so positive. Yet, the optimistic person continues on their path unfazed by the thoughts of others.

Ending child hunger in America is an optimistic goal shared by Feeding America and the ConAgra Foods Foundation alike. As with any optimistic goal, many people do not think that it can be done. However, it is up to us to do like the kids in the contest and remain optimistic about our work and how it contributes to ending child hunger in America. If someone asks you, "Why do you think ending child hunger in America is possible?" tell them "Because a kid told me so…."


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