Dylan Conn, our digital marketing intern, is a student at Stanford University majoring in Urban Studies. He loves using social media to stay in touch with friends, keep up on the news, and promote causes he's passionate about.

Hunger is a complex issue facing our country, and after a few weeks of interning at Feeding America's national office, I've already learned a great deal about the complexities of the issue and what food banks across the country are doing to help people in need. Hunger may seem like an insurmountable problem, but I think everyone can do a little bit to make a difference.

Since I knew I would be coming to work at Feeding America this summer, I took a class at my university last semester called "Food and Community" to learn more about the issues surrounding food justice. The great thing about the class was that we didn't just sit in a classroom and talk about hunger, but we actually went out into our local community to talk to the people affected by hunger and the organizations that were trying to make an impact.

We got to do a little bit of everything in my class and I loved every minute of it. We did simple things in our own backyard, like regularly picking fruit from trees on campus to donate to local organizations and growing a plot of produce on our community farm on campus that we harvested and donated to our local food pantry. We also ventured beyond campus, and volunteered at an urban farm in San Francisco that gives away all the food grown to people in the community and helped distribute food at a food pantry in San Francisco's Mission District. I loved these adventures off campus, because we got to see the people we were serving and learned about the strong community of people who are working together to fight hunger.

After my class and my short time at Feeding America's office, I've learned that, sadly, hunger is everywhere. It affects people in urban, suburban, and rural areas; it affects children and seniors; it affects people who work hard but have to make tough choices; and it affects people who never thought they'd need to seek help with getting food. Hunger is a complex problem, but we can all do a little to help. You might not be able to grow food in your backyard like I did, but you can volunteer at your local food bank from time to time or organize a food drive in your community. Take a little time to fight hunger — I guarantee it will be a rewarding experience, both for yourself and the people you help.


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