Start of the #SNAPChallenge by Kori Reed of ConAgra Foods

September 16, 2013

Kori Reed, wife and mom of four children -- three teens and 1 pre-teen -- also is Vice President, Cause & Foundation at ConAgra Foods. She champions the company's signature cause of child hunger. She and her family are doing the food stamp challenge for the week, Sept. 15-Sept. 21. This blog is co-written by Kori and her kids.

From the Kids:

  • My mom doesn't understand. My chubbly -- name for stomach -- is still hungry. I like pizza, and a lot of it; and one peanut butter sandwich is not going to be enough for me, especially after school. She doesn't know how hungry we are after school. — age 14
  • WHAT? Can I use my own money to go buy an ICEE? It is a drink, not food. Why does my mom make us do these things? What do you mean we don't have enough money to buy cheese crackers this week? — age 11
  • Mom really didn't ask us to do this. I am worried because my siblings are going to eat everything today and we will run out of food by the end of the week. My brother ate almost all the grapes today at lunch. I went to the store with mom to look at prices. — age 17
  • This is dumb! I don't need to do this to have empathy for someone else. We can't have ice cream this week. Fine, can I have butter noodles? — age 15
From Mom:

As I responded to each child's comments, I held my smile, but on the inside realized I was facing one of my worst fears, not having enough food for them to eat. In the days after 9-11, when we all worried about what might happen next, I was the mom that put peanut butter, baby formula and water under the bed. I couldn't handle the thought of eight eyes looking at me saying we are hungry, and not being able to do anything about it.

Fast forward, I am fortunate I get to the do the job I do, and I am fortunate that the SNAP challenge is a seven-day exercise for our family. I can handle the temporary crankiness among the kids; however for millions of families, in particular single parents, it can be months or years of worries and wait related to food. This is why we are doing the challenge, to give the kids a new perspective on food, a basic element we take for granted every day; and for me to not lose sight of a cause I touch every day.


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