Protect SNAP benefits today

June 19, 2012

The Farm Bill, which is currently being debated in Congress is a behemouth document of over 1,000 pages. I don't pretend to understand all the versions and amendments but what I do know is that the current Senate bill would reduce Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to people in need — and to me this is unacceptable.

The Department of Agriculture credits the program with keeping about 5 million Americans out of poverty every year. SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps) have increased with the struggling economy to where 1 in 7 people now rely on those benefits to help make ends meet. That means the program is working as it should. It's helping to put food on the table for people that are struggling in a difficult economy.

One of the great things about government is that they technically work for us. CALL YOUR SENATORS today and let them know that these vital programs need to be protected. Follow the easy instructions below:

  • Call our toll-free hotline: 877-698-8228
  • Listen to the pre-recorded message and enter your zip code when prompted.
  • You will then be connected to your Senators. Deliver this message:
As your constituent, I urge you to protect hunger-relief programs in the Farm Bill. With unemployment still high, many people in our community are still struggling and they need help putting food on the table. Please support Senator Gillibrand's amendment to restore the cuts to SNAP and oppose any efforts to cut or weaken hunger-relief programs.


Please contact one of our media representatives or call 800-771-2303


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