A child in front of a mobile pantry.
September 17, 2015
by Robb Friedlander

This September, millions of Americans from coast to coast put on their orange gear for Hunger Action Month. Over the past few weeks you have created buzz from the television screens in living rooms, jumbotrons in Times Square and cell-phone screens in the hands of millions. While you have educated and moved many into action to fight hunger in our country, one city has heard your voice loud and clear….Washington, D.C.

In just two weeks, Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) is set to expire. CNR is a set of government programs that feed millions American children in and after school throughout the year. This year, as Congress debates funding levels and priorities for child nutrition programs we have the opportunity to help close the summer meal gap and feed millions more children though improving current laws and programs.

This month you have made you’ve made the voices of our nation’s children and the importance of passing CNR this year a force in Congress!

You have emailed your members of congress in the tens of thousands asking them to co-sponsor our bills the “Hunger Free Summer For Kids Act” and the “Summer Meals Act.”  

You have joined a tele-town hall with Chef Mario Batali to learn about the importance of Child Nutrition Reauthorization and what you can do to help pass a stronger bill this year. (If you missed the tele-town hall you can listen to it here.)

You have even called Congress telling your representatives in Washington that as a country we must prioritize feeding our nations hungry children year round.

As we enter into the fall and children head back to school, you have made feeding our nations hungry children and preparing them for a healthy and hungry free life a national priority…and its working

Over the past few weeks the Senate has begun debating new funding levels and legislation for programs that feed our children. Committees in both the House of Senate have begun drafting legislation and working to include the legislative priorities that you have pushed for.

In the coming months we will keep you updated on Child Nutrition Reauthorization and how your work pushing your members of Congress is impacting the legislative process. Stay tuned because as the fight to fund our children future heats up we will need your voices and time to make sure that this year, Congress makes feeding our children year round a top priority.

*Robb Friedlander is an advocacy associate at Feeding America.

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