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Saturday, Nov 1 2014
The Huffington Post takes a deep dive into the data of the latest Hunger in America study, released in August 2014.
Tuesday, Jul 15 2014
I have learned so many things and am beyond grateful for the experiences I have had during my time as a Child Hunger Corps Member.
Friday, Nov 22 2013
If it is this hard for me to sit down and focus for 30 minutes before lunch what would I do if I knew there was no lunch coming?
Friday, Nov 8 2013
Hunger has no true face. It comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and income classes. This can make it one of the hardest problems to solve.
Tuesday, Nov 5 2013
Before my role as a Child Hunger Corps Member at God's Pantry Food Bank, I didn't realize how food insecurity affected so many people in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.
Wednesday, Aug 28 2013
National School Lunch Program is serving more than 21 million children during the school year, but only 3 million children are being served through Summer Food Service.
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Thursday, Jul 11 2013
My name is Dawn and I am the face of hunger in Idaho. I may not look like I've struggled with hunger — but what is a hungry person supposed to look like? A dead beat? Well I have worked full time my entire life...
Tags: SNAP
Thursday, Jun 13 2013
Quin Strouse is a senior at Ohio State University and is spending his summer as an intern at Feeding America Southwest Virginia working the summer feeding program for children.
Friday, Jun 7 2013
Karen Bohnert is a dairy farm mom of Bohnert Jerseys in Illinois. Their farm is part of Feeding America partner Midwest Dairy Association.
Friday, May 31 2013
I take a few hours out of my day and volunteer at a local pantry in my neighborhood. Being a new mother has given me a whole different sense of providing for my children.
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