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Friday, Oct 4 2013
Watching college-aged men show others the value of serving those around them can change a person's stereotype, perspective and even their life. This past summer I was able to inform over 500 undergraduate men that our organization, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, has become a partner with Feeding America in the fight to end hunger.
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Wednesday, Sep 25 2013
After nearly a decade of raising funds for hunger relief, I decided to take the SNAP Challenge to draw a deeper connection to my work and the struggles of those served by Feeding America's nationwide network of food banks. And while my experience is in no way representative of what our clients face, let me just say this: This is tough. With food insecurity as the backdrop, everyday tasks are more trying, decisions more difficult. It is no way to live and yet the reality of life for 49 million Americans.
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Tuesday, Sep 24 2013
I finished my seven-day SNAP Challenge this weekend without a dollar to spare. The experience has made me even more committed to doing everything we can to find an end to hunger. My heart was very heavy when I finished.
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Wednesday, Sep 18 2013
On Monday of this week I forgot my lunch at home. This wouldn't have been a big deal, except that I'm participating in the SNAP challenge this week, and to remain true to it, I could only eat what I've already purchased — my lunch back home.
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Monday, Sep 9 2013
My dedication to youth programming and community food security is stronger than it has ever been, and I am ecstatic that I was able to move the needle towards progress on these issues in my community.
Thursday, Aug 1 2013
Clara has short, thinning hair which doesn't quite match her age. It's clear that she isn't in good health but her frail appearance is overshadowed by the strong emotion she displays when talking about the struggles of her family and friends, like Danielle. "I know she goes to bed hungry just so those kids can eat. I go to bed hungry so my kid can eat. That's just what you have to do. What choice do you have?" Clara says as she walks up the steps with the meals she received from the Gleaners' Summer Meals for Kids Program. With tears in her eyes, she turns and says to the volunteers, "You all don't know how much this means to us. I don't know what we would do without it. Thank you."
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