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August 4, 2017

The Power & Influence Top 50 | The Nonprofit Times

Feeding America CEO Diana Aviv was honored in the 20th annual NPT Power & Influence Top 50. Aviv was spotlighted for developing successful new partnerships despite federal funding cutbacks, as well as for her connections and strategic leadership in advocating for policy initiatives. Read the Article »

Beyond pantries: This food bank invests in the local community | NPR

Poverty and hunger often go hand in hand — 72% of the households served by the Feeding America network live at or below the federal poverty level. Food banks like Foodlink, in Rochester, NY are focusing on ways to alleviate poverty. Some of Foodlink’s initiatives include providing job training, reducing food waste, and distributing produce in food deserts. Read the Article »

How much it costs to stock the average family refrigerator | Chicago Tribune

Our network of food banks knows a family of four facing hunger may be in need of 34 additional meals each month simply because they don’t have money to buy enough food. From the door to the crisper drawer and everything in between, Chicago Tribune breaks down the total cost of stocking a refrigerator for an average family of four each week. Read the Article »

Free lunch at the library | New York Times

At Feeding America, we know that of the 21 million children who receive free or reduced-cost lunches during the school year, only 3.9 million continue to have access to those subsidized meals in the summer months. Recognizing the need for kids to have access to nutritious meals year-round, more and more libraries are serving free, federally funded summer meals to low-income children in their communities. Read the Article »

What’s the matter with Little Free Food Pantries? | CityLab

Each year, the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) helps more than 46 million people who are going through hard times with critical and basic nutrition needs. Little Free Pantry seeks to supplement social safety net programs such as SNAP by providing free nonperishable food and toiletries, especially in low-income neighborhoods. But how does “curb-side philanthropy” factor in to our nation’s larger efforts to fight food insecurity? Read the Article »

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