October 21, 2016
Companies and Government Seek New Answers for Food Deserts | Wall Street Journal
Retailers and the government have been struggling to find ways to address our country’s food desserts, areas where healthful whole foods are difficult to access largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets and healthy food providers. Food desserts are common in areas with low food security, making it even harder for people struggling with hunger to get the nutritious food they need. See how some large retailers are testing out innovative new strategies to address this challenge. Read the Article »

More Colleges Open Food Pantries To Address Campus Hunger | NPR’s The Salt
When George Washington University discovered that nearly half of its students experienced food insecurity, they opened a food pantry for students. With that decision, they joined over 300 other schools across the nation that have done the same. Learn more about how food insecurity effects college campuses and what they are doing to provide support for their students struggling with hunger. Read the Article »  

The Third Annual Good Food Org Guide is Here | Food Tank
Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation have released their third annual Good Food Org Guide, which features 1,000 nonprofit organizations creating a better food system across the United States. Check out the guide and find the organization’s featured in your state. Read the Article »

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