September 9, 2016
by Emily Nelson

The Geography of U.S. Inequality | New York Times
While recent reports have shown an economy that has bounced back since the recession, many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet. Using data from the Census Bureau, the New York Times created income growth charts for all adults for each state and for the country as a whole between 1990 and 2014. These charts clearly illustrate a trend that is becoming all too familiar: a decade of depressed and stagnant incomes for the country’s middle class and those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Read the Article >>

This 'Recipe' Video Highlights How Hunger Begins With an Empty Plate | Mashable
Many social media users are more than familiar with the popular viral recipe videos which show how to easily prepare tasty meals. What these viewers may not be as familiar with is what a dinner plate may look like for those among us struggling with hunger. We at Feeding America, in partnership with the Ad Council, have released a recipe video that shines a stark light on this disparity. Check out the Video >>

Food Books That Teach and Inspire | The Christian Science Monitor 
Food insecurity in the United States in many ways is closely connected to our larger food system. The Christian Science Monitor has compiled a selection of educational, thought-provoking, and inspiring books for eaters, farmers, chefs and policymakers who are craving more information about food and agriculture. Check out the list to find a read so that you can learn more about how our food system works. Read the Article >>

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