August 5, 2016
by Emily Nelson


Why Are Working Families Still Hungry in America? | Working Mother
Millions of working parents and their children don’t have enough to eat. Learn more about why this is still an issue in America, and what we can all do about it. Read the Article >>

There’s a Hunger Problem in Every County in America — and It’s Solvable | TalkPoverty
New post including Feeding America based on findings from the Map the Meal Gap report showing that there are food insecure people in every county in the U.S., regardless of median income. Read the Article >>

Gleaning: Combining Two Wrongs to Make a Right | The Huffington Post
Billions of pounds of quality food go to waste every year, yet 48 million people struggle with hunger. See how we got here and what organizations are doing to get this valuable food to those in need. Read the Article >>
Healthy Retail: Helping America Gain Access to Healthy Foods | The Christian Science Monitor
Many Americans who struggle with hunger live in cities and towns where they have limited access to fresh and healthy food to provide them the nutrition they need. Learn how health agencies, community organizations, and small businesses are teaming up to increase food access in these underserved communities. Read the Article >>

Hunger in the News is a weekly summary of news articles that elevate the conversation of hunger and the issues affecting food insecurity in the U.S. The links contained in this summary direct you to websites that have content that is not controlled by Feeding America.
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