People enjoying choosing fresh produce at a mobile pantry.
May 26, 2017

Virginia Food Bank Aims To Tackle Root Causes Of Hunger | NPR Around The Nation

As we see in our daily work, the food banks in our network often face limited supplies. The Feeding America South West Virginia Food Bank in Roanoke, Va., is working with local community members, health care providers and other nonprofits to expand into a Community Solutions Center and address hunger from many angles. Read the Article »

In Some Rural Counties, Hunger Is Rising, But Food Donations Aren't | NPR The Salt

Recent USDA data shows that one in eight Americans still struggles to get enough to eat. While the overall numbers are improving, hunger appears to be getting worse in some economically disadvantaged areas, especially in rural communities. Unfortunately, the food banks in our network that serve these areas are seeing food supplies decrease while the lines of people seeking help continue to grow. Read the Article »

Major hospitals, doctors address food insecurity in patients, treat it as priority in patient care | Healthcare Finance

Many households we serve include people coping with a chronic disease that is impacted by their diet. More and more healthcare systems across the country are now encouraging doctors and nurses to ask their patients directly about food insecurity. Read the Article »

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