Breaking News: House to Split Farm Bill in Two

July 10, 2013

Tuesday morning, July 9, House Majority Leader Cantor informed the Republican Conference that they will proceed with consideration of the Farm Bill as two separate vehicles. One bill will cover every title except nutrition and will include amendments that were adopted as part of earlier House floor debate. The second bill will include the nutrition title.

While nothing is confirmed, Feeding America opposes efforts to break apart the Farm Bill into two separate vehicles. Splitting the bill into two parts would would likely result in deeper cuts to SNAP.

As our advocates are at work in opposition to this notion, we continue to monitor results as they unfold. To focus on the promise of SNAP in the lives of the people we serve, for the rest of this week Feeding America will dedicate this blog to sharing just a few stories from the families and individuals who rely on SNAP.

Feeding America Real Stories: Jim

Jim worked hard his entire life. He served in the Air Force and after that, owned his own garage for nearly 45 years. He was self-sufficient; never had to ask for help. Then the economy crashed, and business simply stopped.

Jim's moment of realization came one day while he was waiting — without a cracker in the house — for a customer to pay him so he could purchase groceries. The customer never came. Jim knew what he had to do — he humbled himself and applied for food stamps.

Watch Jim's story below, a snapshot of one person's real-life struggle to get enough to eat, and how food stamps helped him get by.

Jim is a client of Feeding America and the Southeast Missouri Food Bank. More Feeding America Real Stories videos are posted on our YouTube channel.

Following the progress of the Farm Bill? Our last post on this topic, Farm Bill FAILS the House! was posted by Dan Michel on June 20, 2013.


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