You can make a monthly gift and help hungry Americans all year long!
June 5, 2015
by Betsy Harman

Everyone has a role to play in solving hunger, and we are grateful for everyone who takes action to do their part. Lisa Hall, Julie Kennedy and Chris Roop have all chosen to do their part by giving monthly to Feeding America for more than 10 years. Read their interviews below to learn more about why they are passionate about supporting our mission to end hunger.

Lisa Hall: Changing lives with her monthly gift

Q: What motivates you to give monthly to Feeding America?

A: We’re the richest country in the world and there’s an abundance of food for most Americans. But there are also many people in my community and all over the country who go hungry—and a lot of them are children. It’s important to support efforts to feed people. Feeding America can quickly get food that’s about to expire from some place where it’s not needed to some place where it is needed. That’s what makes the difference between America being a country that’s wasteful about food and being a country that’s caring about food.

Q: How is monthly giving more convenient for you?

A: You don’t have to think about it! It’s very clear and you know that it’s happening automatically. But you know you’re making that solid contribution. It’s not a hardship to make a contribution of a small amount regularly and then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve actually made a big contribution over the course of a year. 

Q: How does it feel to know that your gifts are touching the lives of people in need?

A: It’s very gratifying to know that people who live close to me are getting the help that they need —and that I’m part of the solution.

Lisa Hall, Sustaining Donor

Lisa Hall

Julie Kennedy: “So much was given to me that I want to give back.”

Q. Why do you support Feeding America?  If people don’t have food, then what’s the point of solving everything else! Feeding America keeps things local. You’re supporting hunger relief in your area. Most people don’t think we have hunger in our area. It seems to be somewhat invisible and I think that’s the problem. For most people in the suburbs, you think hunger is an issue in the city.

Q: What made you decide to become a monthly donor?

A: I was doing my taxes one year and I was looking at my charitable donations and realized I hadn’t done as much as I thought I had. And that’s when I first looked into monthly giving. I was like ‘this is easy!’ I can make sure I’m always donating without thinking about it. I know it makes a lot of difference to the charities because they have an amount of money they can count on for a month. So much was given to me that I want to give back.

Q. Why is fighting hunger important to you?

A: One of the problems with the issue of hunger is that people don’t think it could be them. I have family members who’ve been unemployed for several years and without support they would go hungry. It’s personal to me in that I can imagine being in that situation. It could be you. It could be your neighbor. It could be anybody you know.

Julie Kennedy

Julie Kennedy

Chris Roop: “I always wish that I could do more.”

Q: Why do you support Feeding America?

A: When I first got a letter in the mail asking for donations, I thought the idea of rescuing food and putting it to good use made perfect sense. There are too many people who are facing hunger and we throw away so much food. It was an incredible business model and I said, “I want to support that.”

Q: Why do you give monthly?

A: Convenience! If I make a commitment to support somebody then I want to do it as best as I can. And putting it on a monthly payment where I don’t have to think about it makes it easy for me and makes it predictable for Feeding America. It’s a win-win both ways.

Q: Each month you authorize Feeding America to automatically deduct your gift from your checking account via electronic fund transfer (EFT). Why did you choose this method of giving?

A: I like it because I control the payment and it doesn’t cost Feeding America anything in credit card fees. Giving a small amount adds up to more than what I think I could give.

Q: How does it feel to know you’re making an impact on hunger?

A: As long as anyone is facing hunger I never feel like it’s enough. I’m thankful that there are programs like Feeding America out there and that I have the opportunity to contribute. Of course, I always wish that I could do more.

Chris Roop_300x300

Chris Roop

We are extremely thankful – and so are the more than 46 million people we serve – that Chris, Julie and Lisa choose to support us monthly and help us solve hunger. Learn more about how you, too, can become a monthly giver and a make a big difference in the fight against hunger.

*Betsy Harman is the donor cultivation manager at Feeding America.


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