Bill Bruce
February 14, 2017
by Colleen Callahan

Bill Bruce understands struggle. Growing up in a single-parent household, he saw his mom work two jobs in her struggle to support three children. And as he got older and was able to travel, he saw how people around the globe struggled under the crushing weight of poverty.

Because of his experiences, Bill — a writer and director in New York City — and his wife Tracy are dedicated to helping people in need. “My mother worked hard and instilled in us a simple truth: that we need to take care of each other,” Bill said. "Not just our immediate family, but everyone. So now we as a family try to help others as much as possible.”

One way they’ve been living this value is by donating monthly to Feeding America for more than two years. Bill says they chose Feeding America because they believe in the work it does and are confident that their donation goes where it’s needed most: to people facing hunger.

“I have seen poverty across the world,” Bill said, “and it’s heartbreaking. But too often we think that it’s just happening over there — far away in impoverished, developing countries. And while it is, I think it’s too easy to overlook people in this country who are struggling with hunger. It’s easy to think that we are all doing just fine. But that’s not the case.”

“And because we are a wealthy nation,” Bill continued, “I think that the main reason people go hungry in this country is because of indifference. So I act because I think a failure to act reveals more about the poverty inside us, as human beings, than any circumstance reveals about people in need.”

Bill says that donating to Feeding America monthly makes him wish that he were doing even more, and he encourages others to give back and help out as well. “Imagine your child, partner or your parents were in need,” Bill said. “Now just apply that same love and compassion to someone you’ve never met. Because in the end, we’re all family.”

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