April 9, 2016
by Robb Friedlander

Research shows that low-income families like Gaby in East Tennessee with infants in diapers spend nearly 14% of their after-tax income on diapers. Serious consequences can occur for parents who don’t have access to a supply of clean diapers. Children are exposed to health risks, and parents who can’t afford to send diapers to daycare are forced to stay home with their children instead of working or going to school.

To address this issue, the Obama administration partnered with Jet.com and Cuties Diapers to form the Community Diaper Program -- a program that Feeding America is proud to be an active partner.

The Community Diaper Program provides high-quality Cuties-brand diapers at affordable prices to nonprofit organizations that serve families in need. Starting in late April 2016, Cuties Economy Plus Packs of diapers, from NB to Size 6, will be available for anyone to purchase on Jet.com at highly compelling prices.

By taking measures like removing expensive graphics from packing and adding more diapers per box, the program will be able to create the Cuties Economy Plus Pack and bring the price per diaper down from as high as $0.39-$0.50 to $0.13-$0.17 without sacrificing quality.

A 2012 Feeding America study titled “In Short Supply: American Families Struggle to Secure Everyday Essentials” showed how when American families cannot afford basic household necessities they employ a variety of strategies to compensate for the absence of needed goods. Among these, 48% of low-income families have delayed in changing a diaper and 32% have reused a diaper due to the economic restraints.

Feeding America is proud to join the Obama administration and Jet.com in this effort to create a thriving future for every American child. One where every one of our nation’s children receives the ability to live a healthy hungry free life and strive to achieve their full potential from day one.

Robb Friedlander is an advocacy manager with Feeding America.

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