Tony Robbins and his wife
September 11, 2015
by Danielle Himmelman

After an incredible first week of Hunger Action Month, the orange momentum has continued to grow throughout the second week, with a record number of orange spoon selfies, monuments turning orange, orange t-shirts in Times Square and even an orange beard on the face of one super-enthused supporter!

Additionally, for the first time this year, as part of a pilot program for Hunger Action Month 2015, Feeding America granted five traveling selfie stations, or photo booths, to five lucky food banks to use within their community-wide, HAM-themed volunteer events throughout September. Bay Area Food Bank, Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties and Second Harvest FB of Middle Tennessee hosted successful volunteer events this week, making ample use of their traveling selfie station. The results included hundreds of fantastic spoon selfies taken by volunteers, a few examples of which can be seen below!

Spoon Selfies Taking spoon selfies for HAM

Hunger Action Month has continued to gain momentum even beyond the robust grassroots efforts of the 200 local food banks within the Feeding America network, including with enthusiastic supporters from across the nation! One hunger-relief supporter is so excited about the campaign that he even spray-painted his beard orange! Check out his selfie below!

Recognizing Hunger Action Month with an orange beard.

The excitement across the country is palpable. With over 1,500 spoon selfies and counting on Instagram alone, it’s clear that folks are passionate about the issue and are not only taking notice of the startling facts, but what’s more, they’re taking action in the fight against hunger. 

Even celebrities have jumped on the HAM bandwagon! Feeding America friend and supporter Tony Robbins recently posted this spoon selfie with his wife in support of the campaign (see above).         

If you haven’t yet joined the movement, now’s your chance! Simply follow these simple steps to take action this Hunger Action Month and help spread the word about this very real issue in America.

1)       Grab a spoon

2)       Balance it on your nose (try it – it’s fun!)

3)       Take a ‘spoon selfie’

4)       Post the image to your social media accounts to raise awareness and tag a friend to do the same. Here is some sample copy to get your started:

  • I’m taking a spoon selfie to raise awareness for the 1 in 7 Americans struggling with hunger. I challenge (name) to join me! #Spoontember #HungerActionMonth @FeedingAmerica 
  • Join me and take a #Spoontember selfie to raise awareness for the 1 in 7 facing hunger! #HungerActionMonth @FeedingAmerica

5)       Use #Spoontember and #HungerActionMonth to help fuel the movement and don't forget to tag @FeedingAmerica.

It’s that simple! Every post counts so get tweeting today! For inspiration, check out these awesome ‘spoon selfies’ from across the country:

Want to get involved beyond social media? There are a multitude of different ways for you to support the campaign, the cause, and the work that we do here at Feeding America. Find out how you can join the movement and help support people in need at

*Danielle Himmelman is a marketing manager at Feeding America.

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