August 31, 2012

Join anti-hunger advocates from across the country to raise awareness of the 49 million people in the US who face hunger by taking part in Hunger Action Month - a month-long campaign to help end hunger in our country.

Starting Sept. 1, Feeding America, and its network of over 200 food banks across the county, will kick off Hunger Action Month by holding events throughout the country to inspire people to take action to help the millions of people who are food insecure in the United States.

Events include everything from asking businesses across the country to light up their buildings orange (the symbolic color of hunger) on Sept. 9 to having a national wear orange day on Sept. 6.

The issue is of particular importance now when 1 in 6 people in the United States are at risk of hunger. Nationally, there are almost 49 million who struggle with hunger – including 16 million children.

"It's a shame that in the 'land of plenty' there are people who have to worry about how they will get their next meal," said Matt Knott, Interim President and CEO of Feeding America."Together we can spread the word that"Hunger is real, hunger is solvable, and action matters."

"But everyone can do their part this month to help bring awareness to this issue and help eradicate hunger in our country."

Members of the public can rally for hunger relief by doing these simple tasks this September:

  • Take action online.
  • Find your local food bank and Feeding America on Facebook and hit"like."
  • Donate your status to hunger
  • Share a hunger fact with your friends
  • Take action at your local food bank.
  • Volunteer at your food bank
  • Tour your food bank
  • Take action in person.
  • Wear orange on Sept. 6
  • Speak up for national nutrition programs by sending a postcard to your elected official

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