April 28, 2011

Of the 33 counties served by Tri-State Food Bank in Evansville, Indiana, 24 are under threat of flooding. In spite of being impacted by rising waters as well, Tri-State Food Bank, a Feeding America member food bank, is playing a critical role in the emergency support efforts for Indiana residents struggling as a result of recent floods.

Tri-State Food Bank employees, volunteers, and donors have been working tirelessly to disseminate water, food, and other essential items to agencies in those counties affected by the floods. The local community has responded in a powerful way, but flood victims are still in need of key resources such as:

  • Individual bottles of water
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Snacks for emergency workers to reenergize them
  • Due to logistical challenges, volunteers who have pick-up trucks to help transport donations are in high demand

"I would like to offer heartfelt thanks to those individuals and companies who are helping us in our flood relief efforts," said Mary Blair, Executive Director of Tri-State Food Bank."Your generosity will make a great difference to the many individuals, families and children currently facing hardship as a result of the floods. From past experiences, we know that our services will be called on for many months following the floods, and we encourage donations of any kind to help our neighbors in need."

Please drop off donations at Tri-State Food Bank, located at 801 East Michigan Street in Evansville. If you have large quantities to give, or if you are willing to offer your time or transportation, please contact the food bank by phone at (812) 425-0775. For more information, visit www.tristatefoodbank.org


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Tri-State Food Bank

Located in Evansville, Indiana, the Tri-State Food Bank collects usable donated food and disburses to non-profit feeding organizations in a 33-county service area of the tri-state. Tri-State Food Bank provides food to nine counties in Indiana, 16 in Illinois, and eight in Kentucky. In calendar year 2010, Tri-State Food Bank provided over seven million pounds of food to over 250 feeding programs including 170 food pantries, 80 local soup kitchens and/or shelters serving families and individuals in need. An estimated 114,200 people receive food assistance annually in the tri-state service area. Tri-State Food Bank also works with agencies committed to serving those in need when a disaster occurs by providing food, water, and cleaning supplies through emergency relief shelters and warming centers. Please visit www.tristatefoodbank.org to learn more about our mission.

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