June 20, 2013

"Today the House of Representatives failed to approve its farm bill legislation by a vote of 195 to 234, marking a significant victory for the millions of American who live at risk of hunger.

"Members of Congress heard from their constituents loud and clear that the proposed cuts of $21 billion to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program were unacceptable.

"The cuts would have caused 2 million individuals to lose food assistance entirely and 850,000 households to see their food benefits cut by an average $90 per month. Additionally, the bill would have cut free school meals for 210,000 low-income children.

"As members of Congress regroup in the days and weeks ahead, Feeding America urges our leaders to listen to their constituents and abandon efforts to cut SNAP.

"We look forward to working with Congress to draft and pass a farm bill that protects and strengthens nutrition assistance for vulnerable, low-income families."


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