Statement attributable to Bob Aiken, CEO of Feeding America

December 9, 2014

Feeding America calls on Congress and President Obama to swiftly enact The Supporting America’s Charities Act, HR 5806, which would renew and make permanent critical provisions to strengthen charities across America, make it easier for farmers and small businesses to donate food to food banks, and encourage land conservation easements that protect our natural resources for future generations.

“In this environment of partisanship and gridlock The Supporting America’s Charities Act offers a rare opportunity to enact common-sense, bipartisan legislation that would have a profound and meaningful impact on the ability of our nation’s food banks to meet the need in their communities. 

“For far too many Americans, the holiday season is a time of anxiety and stress as families are faced with heart-breaking tradeoffs between filling their pantries, keeping their heat turned on, or paying their rent. We commend Congressman Camp and Senator Wyden and their colleagues for championing this legislation and we are deeply disappointed to hear that President Obama would consider vetoing it, particularly given the strong, bipartisan support Congress has demonstrated for these provisions and at a time when many non-profits continue to struggle to address sustained high need in their communities.

“Because of the uncertainty surrounding the food donation tax deduction, potential donors will often send surplus food to landfills or to be used as animal feed, instead of donating to their local food bank. The legislation allows farmers and growers to take a tax deduction for donated food, which would plug a gap in the current law and help our food banks distribute more produce, dairy products and protein.

“We are grateful for the food we now receive from our donors and the federal government, but we are not currently able to keep up with the need. Congress and the President have an opportunity to demonstrate the spirit of the season by coming together and enacting The Supporting America’s Charities Act before Congress adjourns. We urge them not to squander that opportunity. Hungry, low-income families need help now.”


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