Feeding America is thankful for individuals who are committed to fighting hunger in America. By donating, volunteering, advocating and educating, the following individuals have raised funds and awareness to help people struggling with hunger. Their creativity and determination are inspiring. The stories below are listed from most recent to least recent.

Opening Our Eyes to the Hunger Around Us
Jordan Appelbaum is a high school freshman who shares his journey from understanding the issue of hunger in America to volunteering at his local food pantries and food banks to help hungry children and adults.
FOR BETTER NOT WORSE is a Los Angeles based apparel company that is making a positive impact on child hunger. For each item the company sells, it gives a bag of groceries to a child in need in the U.S.
David Brearton's Story
Looking back at Feeding America’s impressive growth during his eight-year tenure on our board of directors, few would believe that David Brearton had once been “new to the cause of hunger.”
Opening Our Eyes to the Hunger Around Us
Andrea wants to be a force for good. As part of her business plan at Andrea Crowder Fitness, she supports non-profit organizations, like Feeding America, that are focused on making a difference.
Shady Rays' Story
Giving back has always been a focus for Shady Rays — a small, independent sunglasses company that works to provide meals to families struggling with hunger across the U.S.
When it comes to child hunger in the Las Vegas area, Dr. Frank Stile wants to be part of the solution.
David Askew's Story
David Askew works two jobs, loves painting and helps the men and women who live on skid row in downtown Los Angeles.
The Buelow Family's Story
For the Buelow family, “changing their corner of the world” is more than a phrase. Todd, Michelle and their two daughters each does his or her part to address hunger, poverty and homelessness.
Feeding America Donor Profile: Sean Kelly and SnackNation
For Sean Kelly, SnackNation’s co-founder and CEO, philanthropic giving is an integral part of the company’s culture and business model.
Spiritual Gangster's Story
“We believe that no person should go hungry,” comments Spiritual Gangster CEO Ian Lopatin, “and every person has the right to food and shelter.”
It wasn’t until business owner Alok Appadurai connected with his local food bank that he realized how his entrepreneurial background could help solve hunger in America. He’s now on track to achieve his goal of providing one million meals.
Restaurant owner and father Giovanni DeGarimore gives what he can to those struggling with hunger. By creating a unique hunger awareness and fundraising campaign, he aims to set an example to other businesses and restaurants to take action.
Tighe Merkert began researching hunger organizations when he saw the domestic effects of the Great Recession. Wanting to provide both food and hunger education, he chose to donate to Feeding America for its efficiency and united mission.
Alex Hertzberg recognizes the detrimental health and educational impacts of child hunger, but he is confident it can be solved. He advocates for awareness and support with both his family and his company.
Melissa Joy Manning is a jewelry designer and philanthropist who grew up in a household that valued social and environmental responsibility, principles she has incorporated into her business, Melissa Joy Manning, INC.
The McCrorie’s were inspired to become donors, advocates and volunteers on behalf of the issue of hunger after attending a seminar by their friend Tony Robbins, who shared his story of struggling with hunger in his youth.

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