Members of the Entertainment Council actively mobilize the public in support of Feeding America via media relations opportunities, cause marketing programs and public policy initiatives. Additionally, each member demonstrates sincere concern for domestic hunger by participating in local volunteer opportunities.

“I was personally moved to get involved with the outstanding work that Feeding America does. I feel very lucky to be able to visit food banks in Feeding America’s network, pack boxes of fo... More Info ›
“In a country with so much excess, it’s unacceptable that millions of kids and adults go hungry every day. Everyone can help by contributing just a little time or money. This is one fight ... More Info ›
“Being a mom is hard enough; you’re always trying to do the right thing for your kids and it’s hard when you can’t. Being able to provide a meal to kids who might not know wher... More Info ›
“I cannot say enough about Feeding America or do enough for Feeding America. I donate my time every single week, and it’s the most fulfilling, fantastic thing I could do. With the current ... More Info ›
“Hunger doesn't take a vacation. It's never in season or out of season. My lifelong goal is to end hunger. Feeding America shares the vision and I am committed to helping this organization in th... More Info ›
"When my own very fortunate sons even miss a single meal, I can see their energy, focus and mood decline dramatically. The fact that millions of children go hungry every day is just intolerable."Two-t... More Info ›
Betsy Brandt is well-known to television audiences for her portrayal of ‘Marie’, the sister-in-law of high school chemistry teacher ‘Walter White’ in AMC’s Emmy award-win... More Info ›
""Feeding America is an organization that has won my heart in many ways. They make sure those who are suffering and in need are able to have one of the greatest essentials in life--food. These are kin... More Info ›
Bush Lauren
"It is an unfortunate reality that so many Americans rely on emergency food relief to get by, which is why I am proud to support Feeding America in their important work to ensure that the most basic n... More Info ›
“Feeding America and fighting hunger is a cause close to my heart. As a child, my family and I visited food pantries from time-to-time. I’ll never forget those days and the people and orga... More Info ›
“I’m blessed to have the ability to easily help people in need through my successes, and the Feeding America Entertainment Council is the perfect outlet for me to continue to do so.”... More Info ›
"Our lives center around meal time. A hot meal goes a long way. It gives us energy, boosts moral and brings communities together. No one should have to go hungry in America and that's why I stand behi... More Info ›
Corcos & Debi Mazar
"We support Feeding America because we believe that every man, woman and child has the absolute right to access healthy meals and be provided with care, love and nourishment, especially in these harsh... More Info ›
“It is so important for everyone across the country to dare to be conscious and aware of the struggles of those around them—even if those struggles are not the same as their own. Feeding A... More Info ›
"The fact that in a country as wealthy as America there are people who go hungry every day is shameful and wrong. I applaud everything that Feeding America does to right this wrong, and I will use my ... More Info ›
Matt Damon has been honored for his work on both sides of the camera, most recently earning Academy Award®, Screen Actors Guild Award® and Critics’ Choice Award nominations for Best Supp... More Info ›
"This is simple stuff, our neighbors are hungry and we have to help." Rocco DiSpirito is a chef and the author of nine award-winning books including the #1 New York Times bestsellers NOW EAT THIS! An... More Info ›
"I'm always happy to use my gifts to benefit those in need whenever I can. As a chef, I love and live to feed people which is why Feeding America is a cause that's especially close to my heart." Winne... More Info ›
"Parents shouldn’t have to struggle to feed their children. By working with Feeding America my hope is to help get healthy food to every parent." Jennie Garth skyrocketed to stardom with her rol... More Info ›
“I work with Feeding America because 1 in 7 people - that's 48 million Americans - struggle with hunger and I want to help change this statistic." Los Angeles-born, New York-raised pop star Andy... More Info ›
"I am thrilled to be able to support Feeding America. The great part of my job is when I am able to bring awareness to such great charities as this." Possessing one of the most outstanding and instant... More Info ›
“I work with Wellness in the Schools at my daughter's school and I watch firsthand as kids develop a relationship with food and ingredients. Imagine not having that privilege or choice? I hear f... More Info ›
"One in five children in the United States don't know where their next meal is coming from. Feeding America gives each of us a way to help nourish those children, and to give them the comfort and love... More Info ›
"To believe in a country as blessed with abundance & opportunity such as the United States, that there are people in need. Feeding America services those in need with quality and dignity. They are... More Info ›
“Imagine not being able to feed your child. We can do something to help by making time in our lives to join Feeding America. We can donate our time, and our voices, to support this cause however... More Info ›
“My family grew up relying on public assistance to help provide meals for our family. Child hunger in America is a real and often overlooked problem, but one that together, we can fix. It is my ... More Info ›
"My mission is to help people make smart food choices for a healthy life, but without access to good food, there is really no choice to make. As a mom and nutritionist, I can hardly imagine the stress... More Info ›
Model “I have a son who is 5 years old and I couldn’t imagine not being able to provide food for him. We can’t take access to food for granted, and I am honored to be working to so... More Info ›
“An astounding 50 million Americans are not sure where their next meal will come from. Having the opportunity to help many struggling families through Feeding America is something I’ve fou... More Info ›
"Everyone should know the comfort and warmth of sharing a meal with family and friends, which is why I support Feeding America." From food to fashion, Katie Lee summarizes her style with her three c&r... More Info ›
From the opening sounds of GOOD CHARLOTTE’s fourth album GOOD MORNING REVIVAL--which launches with an artful, innovative sound collage that slides into the irresistible “Misery”--it&... More Info ›
Katharine McPhee warmly laughs as she confesses she’s been in “artistic hiding” for the last few years. “It took me a long time to figure out where I wanted to go and be as an ... More Info ›
Leighton Meester is an actress and musician who was last seen in FOX’s hit show Making History. She is known for her fan-favorite role as “Blair Waldorf” on Gossip Girl and recently ... More Info ›
“As a kid growing up in the Bronx, I remember my mother's tears and dilemma over whether to buy milk or the 25 cent icy that I asked for. I also remember the shame she experienced. Whatever the ... More Info ›
“No one should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. That’s why I am a proud member of Feeding America’s Entertainment Council, as it’s our mission to sprea... More Info ›
“Food is a necessity not luxury; feeding a fellow neighbor will only build a healthier community." Independent, driven, and a mother of two, Dascha Polanco is well known for her groundbreakin... More Info ›
Showcasing soaring vocals and fresh sounds, Cassadee Pope’s FRAME BY FRAME debuted in the upper echelon on the Billboard charts – #1 Top Country Albums and Top 10 all-genre Top Albums &nda... More Info ›
"Feeding America provides food to hungry people coast to coast. Not only that, through their various affiliate programs, they also teach people how to provide for themselves in a healthy way, just lik... More Info ›
“It’s a tragedy that in the United States, the richest country in the world, 49 million people, including 16 million children, may go to bed unsure if they will have a meal tomorrow. I kno... More Info ›
“There is no reason anyone should have to go hungry in this country. Feeding America has been an invaluable resource to so many people struggling to feed themselves and their families. The time ... More Info ›
"As a proud member of Feeding America’s Entertainment Council, I strongly support their non-partisan mission of love and the ending of hunger right here at home." Darby Stanchfield currently ... More Info ›
“I was introduced to Feeding America through my work on the Biggest Loser and was immediately moved by the great work the charity does. As a chef, food has always been the center of my world and... More Info ›
“I'm so glad that 'The Biggest Loser' gave me the opportunity to learn more about Feeding America. It is such an amazing organization, and all the people involved are doing a great job addressin... More Info ›
Tiffani Thiessen made her return to the small screen, starring as ‘Lori Mendoza’ in the NETFLIX original sitcom ALEXA & KATIE now in Season 2. Simultaneously, she recently wrapped prod... More Info ›
"There is enough food in this country to feed all of its citizens, and then some. I continue to have a passion for children's health here and around the world. Lack of proper nutrition affects everyth... More Info ›
“There are so many people across the country who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. It is our duty as their fellow Americans to step up to the plate for them – a... More Info ›
“Our food system in America has never been so good for so few, and so bad for so many. 20 percent of Americans suffer from food insecurity. The same number of our children are going to bed hungr... More Info ›

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