Produce for Kids

Produce for Kids (PFK) has reaffirmed their commitment to Feeding America’s mission with a new iteration of their cause campaign in which they will partner with grocery retail partners for spring, summer, and fall campaigns to raise funds for Feeding America member food banks. Partner retailers will include AWG Springfield, AWG Oklahoma, Publix, Military Produce Group, and Price Chopper. This campaign is supported by 10 participating fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers, representing most major categories of fresh produce. Fruit and vegetable sponsors supporting the retail campaigns will supply funds raised to Produce for Kids, to benefit Feeding America member food banks based on either sales of sponsored and promoted produce during the campaign, or a flat fee.

AWG Springfield: (Year-Round)
AWG Oklahoma: May 31 – June 30
Military Produce Group: April 1 – April 30
Publix: June 2 – June 28
Price Chopper: June 13 – July 24
Power Your Lunchbox: August 7 – September 22
Publix: September 15 – October 26
Holiday Meal Drive: November 1 – December 31
Power Your Lunchbox: January 8 – February 21


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