Securing and Distributing Meals

Each year in America, roughly 70 billion pounds of good, safe food goes to waste.* The loss occurs at every stage of the food production and distribution system from farmers to packers and shippers, to manufacturers and retailers. Feeding America has the logistical expertise and strategic relationships necessary to rescue this food before it’s lost and help it get to people in need.

Included in the amount of food wasted each year is approximately 6 billion pounds of fresh produce. Feeding America works to rescue some of this lost produce through dedicated produce programs, as well as secure donated produce from retailers and manufacturers. Last year alone, we secured a total of 967 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables for people in need. Of this number, approximately 587 million pounds were secured through our produce strategies alone. The success of our produce strategies has been tremendous. By providing people in need with healthy, nutritious food we can not only help them get enough to eat, but also give them hope for a brighter, healthier future.

*Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum


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