Disaster Response

Flooding in Baton Rouge affected the food bank

When a disaster strikes, our network supports relief and recovery in communities by distributing assistance through out the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks and the programs they serve.

Feeding America first took an active role in disaster relief services in 1989, following Hurricane Hugo, which devastated several states in the Southeastern U.S., and the Loma Pieta earthquake, which caused significant damage in San Francisco and the Central California Coast. Since then, the Feeding America network has been committed to responding to major disasters, and dedicated to helping communities recover. You can support the Feeding America national disaster fund, which ensures we are prepared for disasters when they happen.

Fast Facts

  • During the past five years, the Feeding America network and our national corporate donors have provided more than 100 million pounds of emergency food and disaster relief supplies to individuals and families affected by disaster.
  • Feeding America regularly mobilizes our corporate partners and donor community to help provide disaster relief, above and beyond ongoing collaborations to address the chronic food insecurity that many Americans face daily.
  • We provide specialized training for our network members and continually improve operating procedures that enable member food banks to develop seamless, coordinated approaches to delivering disaster assistance.
  • Before disasters strike, the Feeding America network positions emergency food and personal care items that are most frequently requested by individuals and families after an incident. These supplies are available in strategically designated locations throughout the nation and inventory is regularly cycled to ensure that food and supplies there are fresh and safe.

Feeding America is a member of the National Voluntary Relief Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD), a coalition of disaster relief organizations. Feeding America also provides immediate relief through emergency feeding centers operated by NVOAD partners, including the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other disaster relief organizations.

Find your local food bank and see how they help during disasters and the daily disaster response to hunger in America.

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