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Disney Magic of Healthy Living has teamed up with Feeding America to bring much-needed food, including fruits and vegetables, to families in need.

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Disney and its family of companies, including ABC, provided a $1M donation to Feeding America to support food banks nationwide that provide nutritious food--such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean proteins—to kids after school.

As part of this commitment, Disney support enabled Feeding America to distribute grants to 60 member food banks to support programs for their local communities such as:

Parents pick up groceries while dropping off or picking up their children from school.
On Fridays, children receive bags at school filled with shelf-stable nutritious food to take home for the weekends and school vacations.
Low-income children receive meals and snacks through a variety of existing community locations where children congregate, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, churches or public schools.
A refrigerated vehicle extends service into regions that the food bank was otherwise unable to reach and thus increases the number of kids and their families served.

Local grants have been allocated throughout the country to member food banks including:

More than 40 other food banks are also receiving support.


Special thanks to Disney for the commitment to our work. Be inspired and find out how you can support Disney’s efforts.



Visit Disney.com/Beinspired or twitter.com/CitizenDisney and don’t forget to use our hashtag #ThisBox.

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